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Customers: Please enjoy a FREE shave soap sample with every order. Use with a shave brush for best results. Fragrances are chosen at random for an element of surprise and will provide 3 to 5 shaves depending on use.

SCS Useful Links:  

The following links are for Gentleman (or Women) seeking helpful, up-to-date information on wet-shaving and personal grooming choices. 

Make the chore of your daily shave an enjoyable experience you look forward to.  Solve problem issues of razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs.  What is proper attire for that wedding at 7pm Saturday?   Which type of cologne should I wear to a job interview or color tie with my navy blue suit?  Think of a topic and you will find many answers following these links.  
Along with general topics of interest also included are reviews and opinion of Gentlemens skin, body and hair care products; clothing, etiquette and the finer things in life. 

Join in lively discussions of issues of the day; newsworthy updates and even how to prepare or host a great bar-b-que.      

Saint Charles Shave recommends the following Websites and Vendors:

Badger and Blade


Perfect Shave Dispatch (blog)

Shave My Face

Straight Razor Place

**Registration with any of the above is free,
participation with new friends is the reward. **

Recommended Purchase Power Stops:

Billy's Blades
William Ellis, Custom Knifemaker
Handcrafted Straight Razors and Knives

Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving: Shaving Made Enjoyable by Michael Ham

Westcoast Shaving
Not sure which DE blade to buy? 
Visit Westcoast Shaving for DE (Double Edge) Razorblade Sampler packs.